2015 NAGC Convention Ft. Meyers, FL


Convention Awards

Ed Squires Award
Narnia - David Kollasch
Sdlg. 12-215 - Cliff Hartline

All American Select Awards
Pyro – David Kollasch
Arizona Sunset – Cliff Hartline

Design Show Grand Champ
Tammy Wallace

Res. Grand Champ
Lew Wallace

Photography Awards

Ray Dittus Award
All is Rosy - Cliff Hartline

Gold Medal Awards
Karen McDougall
Burt & Carla Scripture

Achievement Award
Diana Langshaw

Lee & Jane Miller

President’s Message
Lee Miller


Cliff Hartline with Ed quires Award

Dave Kollasch with Bill Owen and the AAS Award for  Pyro

Bill Owen & Bruce Elwell  accepting  Certificates for
Marion Rich Family as Blue Smoke was inducted
into the Hall of Fame

Bruce Elwell and mr. Lins accepting certificate for  
Eugene Lins Induction into Hall of Fame

Cliff Hartline Accepting The Ray Dittus Award  for
All ids Rosy  from on Selinger

Jim Butler accepting the Hall of Fame  Induction
plaque for Jim Madson

Lee & Jane Miller winning the Raffle Prise

Don Selinger Presenting The Achievement
Award to Diana Langshaw

Ed Frederick Presenting the Gold Medal to 
Burt & Carla Scripture 

Award Winners 2015 Board of Directors

Ed Frederick with Burt & Carla Scripture

Board of Directors