CGD Membership Form


Please accept my membership COMMERCIAL GROWER'S DIVISION, for which I enclose the amount checked below.

Please make checks payable in U.S. Funds to: CGD.

Overseas members, please send payment via U.S. Postal Money Order, or check payable in U.S. funds from a bank with an affiliate in the U.S.

$10.00 per person, per year.

$15.00 per person, per year for Overseas members.

Note: Commercial Grower's Membership is separate from NAGC.

Please send my Gladio-Grams Publication to:

Name: __________________ Amount enclosed: $______

Street: ___________________________________

City: ____________________________________

State: _____________ Zip: _____________

E-Mail if available: ___________________________________

If there are any recent developments they will be sent e-mail.

Please enter your mailing address above, print this document, and

Send it, along with your payment to:

Doris Hartline
CGD Membership Secretary
7250 N TWP RD #103
KANSAS, OH  44841-9729

Please make Check or Money Order payable to CGD.

The CGD does not sell their membership list. You will not receive unwanted mailings by joining.

Updated March 2014

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