2013 NAGC Convention Mystic Lake, MN

NAGC Reserve Interpretive Arrangement as "St. Paul Winter Carnival - Ice Castle" by Tammy Wallace

Champion Interpretive design by Joy Clobes

Lew Wallace - Champion Decorative Pedestal

Central International 2013
Decorative Champion

Banquet Awards:

Ed Squires Award to John Meyer

Ray Dittus Award to Cliff Hartline for Cut Above

Hall of Fame Inductees:

Robert Longhenry
Gilbert & Sidney Errey


333 Melodie - K&M 1952
378 Violetta Walker - Moffit 1978

Gold Medals:

Robert R. Longhenry
John L. Hartwell
James D. Mc Donald

Achievement Award:

William F. Murray - Scotland

AAS Awards:

313 Pineapple Cream by Cliff Hartline Crowning Glory x Glad Boy

415 Golden Spark by Louis Peeters (Gold Struck x Mileesh) X Unknown

325 Red Hot Kisses by John Meyer Open x Open

Show Results:


Joy Clobes NAGC Champion Interpretive Arrangement for her “St Charles Gladiolus Festival“

NAGC Reserve Interpretive Arrangement as "St. Paul Winter Carnival- Ice Castle" by Tammy Wallace

Large Champion - Cherry Pink - Cliff Hartline
Small Champion - American Dream On - Don Fitzpatrick
3 Spike Large - Morning Princess - John Meyer
3 Spike Small - Creamy Yellow - James Madson

Gander Awards:

Reg & Marlene Powys-Lybbe
John & Edith Anderson
Ed Frederick

NAGC Raffle:

Mary Robinson

Pineapple Cream #07-4 
by Cliff Hartline

by Louis Peeters

by John Meyer

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