Rules & Regulations

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At its meeting held in Toronto, Canada during January 1949, the North American Gladiolus Council delegates, representing the gladiolus interest of both the United States and Canada, unanimously voted to establish the North American Gladiolus Registry.

Believing that an adequate system of Registration is needed to meet the demands of gladiolus growers and recognizing the fact that there is considerable confusion in the gladiolus industry due to duplication of names, the following rules and regulations are hereby adopted for the purpose of correcting the situation for the benefit of all concerned.


FIRST: Any cultivar when first offered for sale, or about to be offered, may be registered with the Registrar on compliance with the rules hereby adopted for the guidance of the registrar, and any alterations to these rules that may be adopted by the Executive Board.

SECOND; Any variety registered by a foreign Society cooperating with the NAGC shall be considered as registered by the International Gladiolus Registry.

THIRD: The objects of the system of registration are to eliminate. as far as possible, the duplication of names and to discourage the tendency to name and disseminate cultivars of questionable merit. The Registry will look in disfavor on efforts to:

(a) Register names that are an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of a cultivar already on the market.

(b) Register names that tend to discredit cultivars already in commerce.

(c) Register names that are so nearly identical in spelling or punctuation as to cause confusion.

(d) As per Bulletin Spring 1974 is when it changed from North American Gladiolus Registry to International Gladiolus Registry.

The registrar looks forward to clearing a name, and holding it for up to four years. Hopefully this will reduce use of names all ready in use.

FORTH: The Registrar is authorized to arrange for the cooperation with Gladiolus Societies of other countries. KAVB & New Zealand do register thru us for no charge and no Pictures or Internet.


1. Registration is available to any gladiolus grower or hybridizer upon payment of the $ 5.00 Registration fee. This is payable to N A G C and sent with Registration to Registrar.

2. Applications for registration must be on the standard application form both pages from internet and accompanied by the current registration fee in U.S. funds.

3. When the applicant for registration is not the originator of the cultivar being registered, permission from the originator must be furnished or other acceptable evidence of the right to register the cultivar in question.

4. The name of a living person shall not be used without written consent of that person. The name of any person deceased in the last fifteen years shall not be accepted without written permission of heirs or executors. This written permission must accompany the application for registry.

5. A cultivar must be given a name that is acceptable to the Registry. The following are examples of names that would not be acceptable.

(a) Names that are too long. Not over twenty (20) letters and spaces.

(b) Names already in use for cultivars.

(c) Possessive pronouns preceding names already in use.

(d) Any name similar to a name already in use as to cause confusion.

(e) Names which express superiority over some other named cultivar, or which would in any way tend to discredit another cultivar.

(f) Latinized names.

(g) The Registrar will have to right to refuse to register any name that is obviously undesirable.

6. No cultivar shall be registered under more than one name. Where the name is in a language other that English, the registrant shall include an English translation of the name when possible.

7. No Cultivar shall be considered for registration unless there is at least 25 blooming size corms (# 4 or larger) in existence at the time of application for registration.

8. On receipt of an application, the Registrar shall determine if it contains all of the necessary information parents included if known and, if not, return to the applicant for further data.

9. The Registrar shall determine whether a name is eligible. as far as records show to be registered. The Registrar shall issue, and forward to the applicant a certificate of registration, and cause the the registration to be published in a future issue of the N.A.G.C. Bulletin. And on the web site along with Picture if possible.

10. Questions not covered by these Rules and Regulations shall be submitted to the Executive Board. An applicant for registration who is not willing to accept the decision of the Registrar may appeal the decision to the Executive Board whose decision shall be final.